2nd Dutch Open Para Table Tennis

The 2nd ITTF FA20 Dutch Open Para Table Tennis will take place on November 5-8 in the city of Stadskanaal in the Netherlands. At the Pagedal Sports and Recreation center the players will find the Venue and also their accommodations in the same area.

COVID-19 update: The ITTF is in open communication and frequent follow-up with all hosts of the 2020 ITTF events and will provide further updates on the international table tennis calendar, as soon as more information comes to hand.




The following events will be played:
Men’s singles (class 1-11)
Women’s singles (class 1-11)
Men’s team (class 1-11)
Women’s team (class 1-11)

Note 1: depending on the entries, the organizers and the Technical Delegate reserve the right to combine classes as may be necessary.
Note 2: the singles events will be played first, followed by the team events.



The provisional schedule for the tournament:

Arrival day for players to be classified 2 November  
Classifier congress (provisional) tbd  
Classification 3-4 November  
Practice day 4 November  
General arrivals 4 November  
Competition dates 5-8 November  
Proposed dates for single events 5-6 November  
Proposed dates for team events 7-8 November  
Departures 9 November  


Referee: to be appointed
Deputy Referees: to be appointed

Inspection Report 2019 Inspection Report (update 2020)




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