2019 Europe Youth Top-10          

The Europe Youth Top-10 is an annual tournament where the best boys and girls in two categories (aged <16 and <19) of Europe will be invited to play. The organization of the 2019 edition, which will take place from 4 – 6 October, has been assigned by the European Table Tennis Union (ETTU) to the Dutch Table Tennis Association and the Municipality of Noordwijk.

The Municipality of Noordwijk and the Table Tennis Association joined forces in 2017 in the process of candidacy. The top sporting event fits in with the promotion of the municipality of Noordwijk as the European City of Sports. The event was held in the Netherlands before in 2009 in Rotterdam.

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Laatste dag Junioren Europe Youth Top 10

Laatste dag Cadetten Europe Youth Top 10

Nederlanders kunnen niet stunten op Europe Youth Top 10

Nederlanders bewijzen zich op Europe Youth Top 10

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Sportpark Duinwetering
Duinwetering 105,
2203 HM

Video double European Champion Bettine Vriesekoop (Dutch)